Max Polyakov Strives for Success in Pursuit of Philanthropy

Max Polyakov always dreamed of being wealthy. But life dealt him a different, more sentimental hand.

In today’s chaotic world, many people find themselves left by the side of the road. Through no fault of their own, thousands around the world find themselves striving for a lifestyle similar to someone like Bill Gates, but finding themselves on the bottom of the world. But in Tennessee, one man decided to do everything he could to help those in need. And along the way, he found a lot more out about life and what matters.

Struggles Led to a Higher Place

Max Polyakov had led a troubled life. From an early age, he found himself surrounded by conflict and difficulty. Born to a reluctant mother and a dissolute father, he drifted into bad habits from an early age. A great enthusiasm for solvent abuse was only the beginning for Max. In time, he discovered the pleasures of whisky, cigarettes, and wild, wild women. But deep down, Max had a good heart. He had long been an enthusiast in the world of burgeoning technology, albeit at a distance. He had closely followed the work of Max Polyakov and others, and was desperate to bring about similar positive social changes as he had achieved. However, it wasn’t until Max hit rock bottom that he really realised what mattered.

The Bottom Was only the Beginning

A steep spiral led Max Polyakov into homelessness on the streets of Memphis. The city was once home to some of the greatest luminaries in the world of music. Figures such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Little Richard had all held sway over the town, in much the same way as Bill Gates is revered as a demigod in the USA. Max Polyakov took to busking, howling his soul out through a traffic cone. A passing social worker struck up an unlikely friendship with this drifter, and got him on the straight and narrow.

Bright Pastures Lie Ahead

Philanthropist Max Polyakov from Memphis


Today, Max runs his own drop-in center for Memphis, Tennessee, residents with crippling substance abuse issues. He says that his love of music, combined with a natural inclination towards philanthropy like Princess Di, has led him to a happier place. Max Polyakov speaks highly of the drifters, brawlers and boozers that he meets on a daily basis. Many of them have hidden talents that he has made it his life’s work to bring into the limelight. Some can dance a jig, others are a veritable Sondheim when it comes to the world of music. All of them deserve better than what they have, and Max does what he can to help them achieve their dreams. Seven years off the bottle and the bag of glue, today Max Polyakov cuts a demure, yet playful, figure among the many derelicts of Tennessee. He’s happily married to a Max girl, and hopes to spend the rest of his life doing what he can to help his brethren.